Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Return Policy

With the first-class service of 5-star ratings, Real Sexy Dolls is always the best store to purchase top-quality sex dolls in the USA. As a leading industry retailer of 20+ doll brands, all of our sex dolls here are made of platinum TPE/Silicone, ensuring they are 100% non-toxic and medical-grade, guaranteeing premium quality. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring lifelike features such as fingernails and eyelashes. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide factory pictures for you to review all the details before shipment. In the rare event of any mistakes with your order, such as defects or incorrect shipment, upon receiving your doll, we will promptly fix or replace it.

Genuine Guarantee is an authorized and verified vendor/distributor of WM Dolls, SY Dolls, and UNA Dolls, ensuring that all our dolls are 100% authentic. You can view the certification of brand authorization HERE.

Quality Control

We have implemented a rigorous quality control system, thoroughly inspecting and testing every doll before it leaves our studio. Our dolls are packaged with utmost privacy and secure logistics. We conduct a comprehensive quality check on your dolls before shipping them to you, minimizing the likelihood of any damage or defects.

Preview Doll Image

You can preview the photo of your doll before it is shipped to you. This gives you ample opportunities to customize features such as face makeup, hairstyle, and body details. Please note that certain aspects cannot be changed once the doll is ready, such as the face/body makeup of silicone dolls or implanted hair. It is crucial to ensure that every detail is as per your preferences.

Cancellations Policy

While we offer the most flexible return policies among sex doll distributors worldwide, it is essential to commit to your purchase once you place an order, including making a deposit or paying in full. Once your order is processed, which usually begins within 8 hours of payment receipt, it is considered a final sale. This is because materials are purchased, time is allocated, and costs are incurred. We adhere to strict time constraints to meet our delivery guidelines. Therefore, please ensure the accuracy of your order before submitting it.

Our current refund/exchange/cancellation policy is outlined below. The restocking fee is determined based on the total amount of your order.

Cancel within 12 hours – 10% non-refundable restocking fee
Cancel after 12 hours but before shipping (in production) – 20% non-refundable restocking fee
Doll has been nearly finished but before shipping – 30% non-refundable restocking fee

Why do we charge restocking fees? The reason is simple: processing an order incurs numerous costs. Our customer representatives handle additional costs associated with the sale, including communication with buyers and manufacturers. If you cancel a finished doll, we need to minimize costs (and thereby prices) when dealing with an unsuccessful order/sale. Packing an in-stock doll order or customizing an order involves further material (production) and time costs. The time and materials required for inspection, repackaging, and restocking should not be overlooked.

Please refrain from placing any orders unless you are certain of your choices. Once you decide to make a purchase, it is crucial to remain fully committed. Before placing an order, review factory photos of the doll or a similar doll. If you have any questions before making a purchase, our team is delighted to assist you.

However, there are no charges for adding or changing items until your order is processed. Once an order is processed, it cannot be changed or canceled since it is a personalized custom-made product. If your order is already in processing and you wish to make changes or cancel it, our Return & Exchange Policy