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About Real Sexy Dolls

Real Sexy Dolls is a well-known company specializing in the customization, maintenance, and sales of sex dolls.

We are dedicated to providing a safe avenue for individuals to explore their sexuality without causing harm to others. Our mission is to not only deliver high-quality products but also provide an enriching experience that leaves you satisfied. We want to empower you to embrace your sexuality without feeling judged or ashamed.

All of our mini dolls are genuine, crafted with the utmost care and using the finest materials. We strive to make them as lifelike as possible, achieving a remarkable balance between beauty, affordability, and durability. Through years of extensive testing and innovation, we have developed dolls that surpass others on the market today in terms of longevity.

Our mini sex dolls are more than just mere toys. Every detail, from the skin texture to the eye shape, is meticulously designed and crafted with love.

We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to sex dolls that cater to their individual personality and desires, whether they prefer something simple or intricate.

Why Choose Us

Welcome to Real Sexy Dolls! Are you interested in experiencing a threesome but feel apprehensive about involving another person? Are you seeking a partner to openly explore your fantasies and fetishes? If you’re looking to try something new and satisfy your desires without crossing any boundaries, then you’ve found the perfect destination.

We provide a guarantee of high-quality and authentic dolls.

Our mini dolls are crafted using medical-grade silicone and TPE material, equipped with a durable metal skeleton and flexible joints to accommodate a wide range of positions, ensuring safe human use.

Rest assured, all the mini sex dolls available for purchase on realsexydoll.com are 100% genuine. We do not sell any counterfeit products on our website.

Protection of privacy is ensured through various measures.

The details of the order are encrypted to safeguard them. Additionally, the doll will be discreetly packaged in a simple carton box without any labeling that could potentially disclose its contents. This ensures that the contents of the box remain unknown to anyone.

Our commitment to you: Unbeatable deals and assurance of the lowest prices.

Enjoy the advantage of purchasing directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the most affordable prices and global free shipping. In the unlikely event that you purchase a doll from Real Sexy Dolls and discover the exact same doll at a lower price from a competitor within 48 hours, we will gladly reimburse you for the entire price difference, covering 100% of it!

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Yes, Real Sexy Dolls store is a legitimate vendor. They are an authorized international adult doll vendor, working with renowned mini sex doll manufacturers such as WM,  SE, and others. They provide a doll brand authorization certificate for verification.

Real Sexy Dolls is a reputable international vendor specializing in adult dolls. They are officially authorized to sell TPE/Silicone mini sex dolls and have established collaborations with well-known manufacturers. You can view their doll brand authorization certificate for confirmation.

When you purchase branded mini sex dolls from realhotsexdolls.com, you can be confident that they are 100% authentic. The store has obtained authorization certificates from multiple TDF accredited manufacturers. In cases where manufacturers don’t issue certificates, you can track your orders directly from the original manufacturers. There are no counterfeit products offered. If you are seeking a genuine sex doll, Real Sexy Dolls is the right place for you.

Real Sexy Dolls strives to provide an exceptional online shopping experience for mini sex dolls. They offer high-quality and affordable dolls, along with excellent customer service. As a leading global online sex doll site, they offer a wide range of dolls to cater to diverse customer preferences. All the lifelike sex dolls they sell are crafted from medical grade TPE or Silicone materials. Additionally, they offer customization options to fulfill your specific sexual fantasies.

Enjoy exploring their top collections and have a pleasurable experience!

Both silicone and TPE are top-notch materials used in making sex toys. Silicone is known for being very durable, while TPE is praised for its lifelike feel. Let’s break down the key features of each material.

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer):

  • TPE is like a mix of rubber and plastic, making it flexible and easy to shape.
  • It feels soft to the touch, giving a realistic skin sensation.
  • Dolls made with TPE can have authentic-looking body parts, thanks to techniques like injection molding.
  • TPE is tough and bounces back easily, making it durable.
  • It can retain heat for a long time, providing a consistent temperature experience.
  • TPE doesn’t have a noticeable smell.

However, it’s porous, which means it can stain and might be challenging to fully sterilize.


  • Silicone is a versatile, high-quality material also used in cosmetic implants for a lifelike feel.
  • It has a long history in medical and product manufacturing, using advanced production techniques.
  • Silicone dolls can look and feel very realistic.
  • It’s a strong material that maintains its shape and can handle weight well.
  • Silicone is resistant to stains, non-porous, and easy to sterilize.
  • The smooth texture feels super smooth to the touch.
  • It’s the go-to material for sex dolls due to its proven reliability.
  • Silicone dolls tend to be pricier.
  • Although smoother, silicone is generally firmer and less flexible than TPE.

Be careful, though, as silicone can tear if not handled properly, despite its overall durability.

We really care about keeping your personal info safe. We don’t keep any extra data on our computers, so your info won’t be at risk of getting out.

When we send you stuff, it comes in a plain brown box. No labels or instructions that say what’s inside, so your privacy is protected.

Our website is super secure too. It’s all encrypted, which means your info and transactions are safe. We want you to feel comfy and relaxed when you shop with us, so we make sure your personal stuff is well-protected.

Yes, adult-looking dolls are legally permitted in all western countries. Rest assured that all sex dolls available on realsexydolls.com are legitimate, so you can confidently make a purchase.

  1. Select and Customize Your Sex Doll Feel free to ask us any questions regarding the selection process.

  2. Payment Process We offer the following payment methods for your doll:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card & Debit Card
  1. Production The production time for a sex doll varies depending on the chosen brand, usually taking 1-3 weeks.

  2. Confirmation Before arranging the shipment, we will provide you with pictures of your sex doll for confirmation.

  3. Shipping & Customs Once your doll is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email within 3-4 days. Delivery typically takes 7-12 business days. In some countries, import taxes may be required upon delivery, usually ranging from $100 to $200 or more, depending on the doll. Import taxes and fees are your responsibility. You can find more information in our shipping guide.

  4. Delivery & Review When you receive your sex doll, please handle and care for it properly during use. For instructions on cleaning and care, refer to our sex dolls cleaning & care guide. If you discover any defects upon receiving the doll and it has not been used, you can notify us within 24 hours, and we can arrange for a return. Please read our return policy. If you are satisfied with our service and product, we welcome your reviews.

Real Hot Sex Dolls offers free worldwide shipping for your convenience. We guarantee no hidden fees. Please note that customs controls may impose duties and taxes, which can vary depending on the destination country’s laws. Import taxes and fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

Customs fees are subject to regulations and may vary based on the destination country’s laws. The buyer assumes responsibility for import taxes and fees.

After payment, we initiate the production of your doll within 24 hours. The doll should be ready for shipping within 7-14 days, and the delivery typically takes 7-12 business days. Customized dolls may take up to a month to produce, depending on the chosen options. Most orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks from the time of purchase.

To have the best time with your doll, use a clear and non-greasy water-based lubricant. It makes things smooth and comfy.

Remember to wipe off extra lubricant right after using the doll. This keeps it in top shape for a long time and keeps the quality high.

In contemporary society, individuals are no longer willing to suppress their desires and seek liberation in their sexual experiences. The availability of sex dolls has provided an opportunity for everyone to equally explore and enjoy this aspect of their sexuality.

Considering that purchasing a sex doll is a significant investment, we aim to ensure that you derive the utmost satisfaction from it. In our comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about effectively utilizing a sex doll. Click here to learn more.

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