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Throughout the collaborative journey that commenced in 2016, Axbdoll and Catdoll formed a close partnership, where Catdoll assumed the role of an exclusive sales agent for Axbdoll’s groundbreaking creations. Although Catdoll initially thrived as a reseller, their aspirations grew, prompting them to establish their own manufacturing facility in 2018.However, this new venture encountered initial challenges, as Catdoll entered into production without a fully established design team or skilled engraving artisans. Consequently, they resorted to directly replicating Axbdoll’s exceptional designs.In contrast, Axbdoll takes great pride in its commitment to authenticity, asserting itself as the original design and manufacturing facility. Their primary focus remains on delivering top-tier craftsmanship while maintaining a seamless factory-to-agent partnership, eliminating the need for a separate brand development team.


Set out on an enchanting adventure with AXB Dolls. Every doll personifies careful craftsmanship, sparking your creativity and satisfying your personal longings. Whether you desire a delightful companion, an alluring partner, or an inspiring muse, our AXB Dolls assortment caters to your distinct tastes and dreams. Embrace the unmatched artistry and precise workmanship of AXB Dolls as they breathe life into your most profound desires with astonishing attention to detail.


Many doll enthusiasts may not yet be familiar with Axbdoll, but it’s important to highlight that there have been allegations of product imitation by Catdoll. Recently, Axbdoll has made significant progress by strengthening its brand development team and acquiring state-of-the-art high-end 3D scanning equipment. As a result, an increasing number of customers are getting to know the new Axbdoll brand and expressing their admiration for it. We are dedicated to expanding our brand recognition in the future.Axbdoll wants to clarify that it does not actively engage in discrediting its competitors. However, the company believes it’s crucial to protect its brand reputation for the benefit of its loyal agents. Although there may not be a viable legal recourse available at the moment, Axbdoll is committed to addressing this issue transparently. Consequently, the company is releasing this information to set the record straight on all fronts.
AXB Sex Dolls


Axbdoll has strengthened its brand development team and invested in advanced 3D scanning equipment to improve its products and reputation.

AXB Dolls are known for their careful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the ability to fulfill various personal preferences and desires.

Initially, Catdoll was a reseller of Axbdoll’s products, but they later started their own manufacturing facility, which led to some allegations of product imitation.

Catdoll wanted to expand its operations and reduce reliance on Axbdoll, but they faced challenges in the beginning due to a lack of design expertise and skilled artisans

Yes, there have been allegations that Catdoll replicated Axbdoll’s designs, which led to some confusion in the market.

No, Axbdoll claims not to actively engage in discrediting its competitors, but it is committed to protecting its brand reputation.

Axbdoll aims to address the situation transparently and clarify its brand’s originality for the benefit of its loyal agents and customers.

At the moment, there may not be a viable legal recourse, but Axbdoll is actively working to resolve the issue. offers various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options. Accepted payment methods may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the website for the latest information.

Axbdoll is dedicated to expanding its brand recognition and ensuring that customers can differentiate its products from others in the market.