How to Choose A Love Doll By Height?

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How to Choose A Love Doll By Height?

Getting a sex doll can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time. One important thing to consider is the height of the sex doll, as it can greatly affect your overall experience. Luckily, the sex doll industry has expanded a lot in the past few years, giving you plenty of choices for finding your ideal companion.

Here are the five main height categories for sex dolls:

Choosing the right height for your needs comes down to your budget, personal preferences, and practical factors like available space and your own height and strength. Whether you go for a taller or shorter option, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Keep in mind that as the height increases, so does the weight.

Without wasting any more words, let’s explore each of these categories in detail.


Meet our adorable mini sex dolls – the tiniest and lightest companions for your intimate desires! Perfect for those tight on space or lacking a discreet storage spot. These little cuties may not come with detailed body features, but their charm is undeniable.

Designed for men seeking a compact pleasure experience, these mini sex dolls are like the ideal intimate playmates. Despite their petite size (1ft11″), they pack a punch when it comes to passion. If you’re after a small yet satisfying masturbation toy, look no further.

Keep in mind, though, these mini-dolls won’t replicate the experience of being with a real woman due to their small stature. Nevertheless, they’re sure to add a delightful touch to your personal moments. Dive into the world of petite pleasure with our irresistibly cute mini sex dolls!

60cm sex doll


Introducing our Mini Delights Collection, featuring adorable mini sex dolls standing at a height range of just 70cm! These little companions are perfect for those tight on space or without a dedicated hiding spot. While you won’t find intricate body details due to their compact size, these dolls exude charm and allure.

Designed for the pleasure-seeker in you, these mini sex dolls are ideal for a discreet and enjoyable experience. If you’re in search of a petite companion for your intimate moments, look no further. Keep in mind, though, that the petite size (2ft3″) means you won’t experience the same connection as with a real partner. Explore the world of passion with our irresistibly cute Mini Delights!


Meet our adorable collection of mini sex dolls, perfectly designed for those who appreciate compact companionship! These petite wonders stand at a charming 80cm height, making them the smallest and lightest in our lineup. Ideal for those with limited storage space or a discreet corner, these dolls are a discreet pleasure.

While details on body features may be minimal due to their smaller size, these mini sex dolls are irresistibly cute and alluring, offering a delightful experience. If you’re seeking a small yet satisfying masturbation toy, these dolls are the perfect choice.

Keep in mind, the intimate experience may differ from being with a real woman due to their petite stature (2ft7″). Nevertheless, their compact charm and allure make them a delightful addition to your personal pleasure collection. Explore the world of passion in a smaller package with our mini sex dolls!


Discover the charm of our Mini Sex Dolls, designed for those seeking a discreet and lightweight companion. Perfect for individuals with limited space, these dolls are the smallest and lightest in our collection. While they may not provide intricate details on body features, their adorable and alluring appeal makes them an excellent choice for intimate moments.

Ideal for those without extra storage space, Mini Sex Dolls offer a convenient solution for a small masturbation toy. Despite their petite size (3ft3″), these dolls can still provide the pleasure of passionate experiences. Keep in mind that, although they may not replicate the feeling of being with a real woman, their compact size makes them a practical and enjoyable option. Explore the world of intimate satisfaction with our 100cm Mini Sex Dolls!


Welcome to the exciting world of medium-range sex dolls! Here, you’ll discover a fantastic selection of options to spice up your intimate moments. Choose from our collection of adorable and stunning dolls, each ready to bring your fantasies to life. These dolls are incredibly realistic, especially as you approach the 160 cm height range.

One standout feature of our medium-range dolls is the option for an insertable vagina, providing a more lifelike experience. Keep in mind that these dolls require a bit more TLC than their mini counterparts. Be sure to handle them with care during use and storage. To prevent stains, it’s a good idea to place a white sheet underneath when they’re not in action.

For optimal maintenance, we recommend placing your doll on a soft surface. This helps avoid stains and prevents any potential deformities caused by extended periods on a hard, rigid surface. Your satisfaction and the doll’s longevity are our top priorities!

Pros of Mini Sex Dolls:

  • Get ready to meet your perfect companion – small, discreet, and budget-friendly dolls! No need for extra storage space; these mini-dolls can be easily tucked away anywhere.
  • Affordability? We’ve got you covered. These dolls are the most pocket-friendly option out there. You can grab one or more without breaking the bank.
  • Light as a feather! These dolls weigh around 5 kg, making them super easy to carry and move around. No need to worry about accidental falls causing major damage.
  • And let’s talk satisfaction – these dolls are designed to fulfill all your desires for a petite partner. With their adorable faces, tiny features, and everything else you’re looking for, these dolls are here to spice up your life!

Final Remarks

We’re breaking down sex dolls into 5 height categories in this blog. Whether you’re into shorter or taller dolls, we’ve got options ranging from 60cm to 166cm.

Your choice really boils down to your desires and budget. If you’re aiming for a super realistic experience, the taller dolls might be your thing—they’re great for a more authentic feel.

In a nutshell, if you want a sex doll that’s as close to the real deal as possible, go for the taller ones in the last two categories. Sure, they might cost a bit more, but think of it as a worthwhile, one-time investment. Trust us, every dollar spent will be totally worth it!

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